A lot of small and medium-sized businesses today are leveraging on marketing agencies’ expertise to lessen the cost of trial and error and actually get things done the right way with impressive results. I mean, there’s Social, Content, Paid Advertising, SEO, Email Automation, and many more. You can only do so much to get the best possible results.

And with the fast pace of marketing, it sometimes feels so overwhelming. But we want to be fair. We’re going to give your 5 reasons why you should and should not hire a digital marketing agency.

So first, here are 5 reasons why you should hire a digital marketing agency

1. Focus on running the business/company

You’re already wearing too many hats in your business. If you’re a business builder (owner, executive, marketing manager), you know that you have a lot on the bucket than just executing everything on your own. Agencies help you focus on what matters most inside the business so you can sleep better at night.  

2. Work with proven experts

You get access to a team of experienced strategic and technical marketers to use for your online growth. These people have lived and breathed all things about marketing and advertising that you might not know about. And these people follow the development and measurable results to make things right for you.  

3. Measurable results and transparency 

Obviously, as a business builder, your main concern at the end of the day is are you getting the worth of your money spent or in short your Return On Marketing Investment (ROMI). Agencies are data-driven companies. Every action and next step is based on creative solutions based on data generated for your business. It’s part of what they’re great at.

4. Right tools for executions  

Do you have any idea how many tools need to be in place just to get campaigns in the right placements? Marketing agencies already have it all prepared for you. You don’t have to spend these expensive subscriptions and take time to learn how to do the technical work yourself.

5. Stay relevant and competitive in your industry

Today’s marketing is overwhelming if you don’t know how to properly organize and prioritize everything. But given the experience, they make you stay relevant and stand out from your competition. They do all the necessary research and listening so they can adapt the marketing strategy to what makes sense now. 


But wait. Here’s the catch

Working with a marketing agency may all sound like sunshine and rainbows. However, not everyone is really ready to work with the right agency partner for their business or brand.

The shallow idea of hiring one is getting all the results you want out of their expertise, but it also requires a lot more to get the synergy working along the marketing journey.

So here are another 5 reasons why hiring a marketing agency might not be for you

1. You want to go from 0 to 100 in 6 weeks or in a short time. 

Marketing is not a springboard; it’s a marathon. It takes time to build and scale your business online. That’s why strategy and execution need close monitoring to see if data favors your business. There’s no such thing as quick success. Even the greatest marketing agencies in the world need time to adapt to the performance of their client’s campaigns. 

2. You are just chasing the new and shiny trends and tactics.

Don’t hire an agency because of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Not all trends fit your business. Agencies build long-term success and sustainability for brands. They don’t follow what’s cool now, tomorrow, and the next day just to make you look good online. What they actually care about is how to bring predictable growth to the business. 

3. You don’t have time to collaborate and give some time and energy to strengthen your marketing strategy

Many businesses hire agencies to just give tasks and meet them at the end of the month for deliberation. Although agencies do the majority of the heavy lifting, it’s not a one-way street. Just like in a relationship, they can make the journey seamless by working together in aligning and giving feedback on the end goal, what’s working and not working. 

4. You don’t have measurable goals to follow

As marketing agencies provide measurable results, your business must also have measurable goals to be followed. And not just measurable goals, they should also be realistic one. Agency often aligns everything if your goal as a business is reachable or needs to recalibrate on what’s realistic and how to scale. See how much revenue you are generating, what’s the lifetime value, are your sales team ready for the new load of prospects that needs to be converted, and many more. If these are not in place, the agency will have a hard time tying up your goal to the marketing activities. 

5. You don’t have the budget to spend on your advertising strategy and execution

There’s a saying that those who spend most to acquire customers win. And in most businesses, the cost of acquiring new customers is the highest expense. But the return on investment most of the time is shocking. Marketing is an investment as you need to plant the seed today to get the win when your ideal customers are ready to buy. So if you’re safekeeping all that money and giving only a little budget in getting your brand out there, then hiring an agency will not be a wise decision for you. 


Your Important Takeaway

So how do you actually look for the right marketing agency for your business or company? There are lots of marketing agencies out there. Not everyone will deliver what they promise. So better be careful and ask relevant questions like have they proven what they’re claiming, ask for case studies, and get detailed about questions that matter for your business and how they can help.

Move out from agencies that promise instant results. Marketing is a journey.

But partnering with the right one is absolute gold. It is one of the best investments you can ever do for your business. Why? Everything is online now and getting it right will bring you way ahead of your competition.

So, are you exploring or considering hiring a digital marketing agency?

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